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Flying Rat Records

Flying Rat Records is a recording studio in Porto, Portugal. Our facilities are around 55 square meters, divided into 3 separate rooms - Control Room, Live Room, and, Iso-Booth. We're equipped to record pretty much anything that you can throw at us, as well as provide you with excellent producers/engineers who can turn your musical ideas into full-blown productions!

Meet the crew

Rodrigo Branco

While Rodrigo Branco feels most at home with the indie genre, his work with all different kinds of artists, from jazz to classical, is what really sets him apart. Lover of music and motivated by his own obsessiveness, he definitely brings something to the table when you’re talking about producing records.

Generally described by his parents as a “good boy”.


José lobo

Since he was a kid that he is into the concept of ‘sound’ overall, being fully engaged inside the whole universe of audio including music, cinema, podcasts and any other media that revolves around sound and image. 

By the love he has for composition and experimentation with sound, he has been doing it his way when producing  tracks from rock or pop to freaky jazz and fusion, and at the same time compose orchestrated but also synthesized soundtracks, sound design and mix for film, podcasts and comercial videos.

Pedro bacelar

Unsurprisingly, Pedro Bacelar ventures into the fields of music composition, sound engineering, production and mixing with such a magnificent purpose. 

Pedro thrives in sound for cinema and videogames, in music production and composition. He's also a co-founder of the safari rock band Ramos Chiller where he plays the 4-string guitar and also assumes the role of main producer. 

He loves going to concerts and festivals and is keen on creating relationships with all those involved, so watch out for him! You may find him asking for your music interests.

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