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It's simple! Flying Rat Records: Goes Online is aimed at connecting artists with the producers who have the means to help them turn their ideas into songs! Easy enough right?


Fine, fine! So let's imagine you're a singer/songwriter (or any other kind of artist for that matter), right? And you have a great song you wrote on your guitar, right? Now you need someone who will help you translate your vision into a full-blown song, whether it be changing up the arrangement and helping with lyrics, or getting you a band to play the other parts of said song.

Although we all here at Flying Rat Records are fairly proficient musicians (and multi-instrumentalists to a degree) and we do end up playing on some of the records we produce, we know we're far off from the best. And that's why we work closely with a lot of professional session musicians to help the people that come to us.


Our focus is on making YOU, the artist, as involved as possible. You're not only sending us files and getting a final product back. You'll be actively participating in every recording session! How? We've equipped our studio with a multi-camera setup which allows you to be able to see the entire studio (and everyone in it) as well as hear everything that's going on through microphones that are spread around!


Although we still prefer in-person sessions, we believe we created the next best thing! And so do the people we've worked with!


  • Artist writes song

  • Artist says "hi!"

  • We usually say "hi!" back :)

  • Artist and Producer have fairly long conversation about all things song related (vibe/feel, arrangement, and most importantly what Artist expects to the final product to be)

  • Producer (usually) uses his magical producer powers to make up a demo with an idea, and proceeds to wait for Artist approval

  • Artist approves

  • Producer contacts (if necessary) talented musician friends. Proceeds to getting them in the studio and recording song

  • Song gets mixed, mastered and delivered

  • Artist is happy camper.

(this dumb thing is usually how the process goes, but obviously it can differ from Artist to Artist and song to song.)

What are you

waiting for?

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