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This showreel depicts some of the projects I was involved in throughout last year both as a composer and sound designer.

Haptic Privacy Infographic

Score, Sound Design, Mixing

In late 2022, while working at Dephion, our team was tasked with creating an animated infographic explaining the privacy policies for our product Habtic. Inspired by the Matrix, the project features a score reminiscent of the iconic Spybreak by Propellerheads, with my own spin on it.

For the sound design, this project gave me the opportunity to learn and get accustomed with the powerful Sound Particles software, having used it to create the lines of code you can see throughout the animation, mapping the virtual microphone movements and rotation with the camera’s. Resulting is a cohere and customised soundscape.

Everything was created with headphone listening in mind, and therefor I opted to mix the sound design optimising it for binaural listening.

Cabbie Brain - Science bytes podcast

Recording, Sound Design, Mixing

Cabbie Brain was one of the podcast episodes we produced at Dephion. Science Bytes was meant to be  short  engaging  and  informative podcast focused on story-telling.

Cabbie BrainScience Bytes Podcast
00:00 / 06:48

Since it was meant to be an audio-only asset, the decision was to make it as immersive as possible, creating little moments like church bells, honking at a traffic light, and construction work going by, that helped immerse the listener. The podcast was made with binaural listening in mind, so headphones are recommended.

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