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THIS IS José Lobo

Lobo is a portuguese recording and mixing engineer, as well as a sound designer. He has a degree in Sound and Image and is currently a Master's Student in Sound Design both in the Catholic University of Porto. Throughout the year he h has a gathered up a versatile portfolio in music, cinema, radio/podcast and sound art (                       to preview the full portfolio). 

Although he loved (and still loves) to play music, he fell in love with music production and studio engineering when one of his bands started recording music in their home studio. From that point onwards, he started studying the subject of sound and mixing engineering by himself. Later that would result in turning the home studio into a professional and formal environment, by acquiring a room in Porto, Portugal, and building the current establishment of Flying Rat Records there.


(2019)  During the mixing phase of "Hardly Wait" by Gonçalo Carvalho.

Since 2017 Lobo has gathered up a rich experience in both music and film, as a sound engineering and sound designer, being involved in long and short movies with awards and nominations from various cinema academies and festivals all over the world (Prémio Sophia Estudante, Thessaloniki Festival, Festival Horizontes, Curtas Vila do Conde, etc) as well as working with sound art. Lately he also developed his first art installation "Letter to Sisyphus" (last exhibited in his University) and worked along with some local artists on some other New Media artworks.


Here are just a few examples of his work in the studio:

some of his Music Work


Picture by Catsoup.

We All Need a Little Bit of JesusCat Soup
00:00 / 05:53
Despite their name, Cat Soup are not a type of soup with cat parts. They are a progressive rock band from Porto, and they recorded their single 'We All Need a Little Bit of Jesus' at Flying Rat Records with Lobo. From recording to mixing the whole process was dealt with patience and great care since they have such a rich sound. Interestingly, the hardest part to make was the introduction, by using train folleys and a monologue from a low budget western movie.
Within the alternative rock panorama, Sandro stands out as an innovative voice using different tools from usual, building a unique sound around this genre. By accompanying him from the arrangement, to production, till the mixing/ mastering phase, Lobo tried to make Sandro's compositions sound as epic as they could, by bringing in new elements, from ping pong delays in the soft electric guitars, to a full stack of violins to make his songs stand out in the middle of other compositions in his main musical style which was folk.

Sandro during the recording of "Into the Road".

Another Summer Song MASTER MP3Sandro and The Moving Men
00:00 / 03:14

and now some cinema Work

One of his first film productions was for João Araújo, a young director from Porto, that was friends with Lobo for a long time. Following the main topic of the movie, the soundtrack was a jazz composition by Simão Ribau Bragança, and played by his 5 piece band. Everything was recorded live in the first studios of Flying Rat Records.

*Simão (to the left) playing the lick, unironically* 

Miguel Mesquita has been one of the most important people Lobo has known in the last years. By working on the same projects and having long philosophical talks for 6 hours straight, while drinking 12 year old Porto wine at 2 in the morning, they made an everlasting friendship that quickly evolved into a professional partnership. 2 of the short movies by Miguel have been fully post-produced by Lobo. Both the sound design/soundtrack and mixing have been a joyful and stimulant experience (although the second movie deprived Lobo from sleeping 2 days in a row).
Trailer for 'A nossa Casa em Chamas'.

be sure to come by!

Every project is welcome, whether you have a crazy free jazz project or you need a soundtrack for a comic horror movie remake, I'm here for you. Don't forget to check out my                             

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